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April 26, 2006

Dumb Question...

Is it me, or has the English language been hijacked again by the MSM and the Usual Suspects in the Democrat Pahty, to wit:

"Record Profits" by the oil companies.

Sounds more to me like record revenues. I think there's a difference...and a substantial meaning. If your product costs more to produce and you pass most (if not all) of that cost on to the consumer--something that's perfectly legal, fair and increases your chances of staying in business--you're going to take in more cash, yes? But if production costs are up due to increases in raw material cost (crude) why would your profits go up?

Or am I missing something? Tell me...


P.S. For every gallon sold, the average profit is 9 CENTS (that's 3% profit if that gallon cost you an even 3 bucks...oooooooo!).
P.P.S. For every dollar spent on getting your petrol to market, here's the cost breakdown (these are ConocoPhillips numbers):
Crude: 58 cents
Taxes: 20 cents
Refining: 15 cents
Marketing and distribution: 7 cents