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April 26, 2006

Guest post.

Gotta encourage the not-left voices in the industry...

When working on music for recording last year the events of 7/7 occured in London. One of my co-songwriters was one train away from the Liverpool Street attack. The events, which I live-blogged about, reminded me of 9/11 and the events of that horrid day. It was a very few days until I finished 'Cry Freedom' which contains my first ever musical (I am the main lyricist) contribution to our band. (The chorus was in my head as I wrote the song.) It is the title track of Growing Old Disgracefully's EP.

This EP can be purchased digitally (click here) and it is possible buy each track at $.75 or all four for $2.50.

Not all rockers are left-wing nutcases. We support your efforts on our behalf allowing us to to do our music in peace and safety wherever we might be.

If you could possibly find a way to mention the song/EP I would appreciate it immensely. I believe your readers will enjoy & agree with the lyrics of 'Cry Freedom'.

Kind regards,

Andrew Ian Dodge
Growing Old Disgracefully & Dodgeblogium