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April 22, 2006

Live blogging the conference.

It's on. Austin Bay is chatting us all up and reinforcing (as if we need it) just how kewl and important we are!

But if you'd rather catch this live... go here: Live Feed from Conference.

Austin Bay gave a good rouser for an intro. Buzz Patterson is up introducing the first panel - which is Milblogs: Past, Present, and Future. Present are Smash, Blackfive, John of Op-For, Steve of ThreatsWatch, and CJ from A Soldier's Perspective.

Buzz is slamming the MSM for their myopia on how the war is covered. Austin made the point that what most of us want to do is provide a broader story and context to the coverage of the war.

CJ is telling why he blogs, a 'therapy' for processing his war experiences (CJ was in 3ID and participated in both Thunder Runs into Baghdad and the first invasion of Fallujah. Over to Smash.

"Good morning, my name is Smash, and I am a milblogger..."

Here they are: CJ, Scott, Matt, John, Steve.

Milblogger Conference

Heh. Who'm I foolin'? Reading this on a Saturday? If you want to follow it- go hit the link. I'll post pics - but I'm gonna pay attention now.

Oh, yeah - I gotta say this (and I'll put the pics up to prove it)... Blogger Chicks are Hot, Boy Bloggers are not...

Second Session: Milblogging Family Style.

Moderated by Andi from Andi's World, online moderation by Mrs. Greyhawk.


Panelists: Left to right, Carla from Some Soldier's Mom, Carren of From My Position, Chuck of From My Position, and Deb from Marine Corps Moms.

Carla, Carren, Chuck, Deb

A reminder: Live Feed Here.

Of interest: CENTCOM PAO is here, usefully engaged. Several MSM outlets are here, to include the BBC. Be interesting to read *their* view of this.

Great lunch at Jury's, sponsored by We *did* have to sit through a sales pitch... but hey, lunch was free, who are we to argue?

If you haven't checked in on the live feed, you should. Dave Hunt is doing a hilarious job of emceeing Blogging From Theater, with Bill from The Fourth Rail, Fred from Iraq for 365, Jeff from Dadmanly, Michael from Fire and Ice, and Bill Roggio.

Hunt, Jeff, Fred, Bill R., Captain B., Michael.

This panel has been a lot of fun, with Col Hunt the major reason for it. The fact that it's the warfighters and an embedded journalist speaking, well, the rest of us was just a warm-up.

Yes, CJ - your bald spot *did* show up...

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