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April 21, 2006

OPSEC of a different kind.

Here's a thought for you high-powered business types out there, who have their cell phones surgically implanted. You know the type - the Cyborgs, with the glowing blue phones where their ear used to be...


When you shout out your end of the conversation, *someone* might be listening. Someone who knows what he's hearing.

Like that contract for the Army your (firm) is bidding on. The one where you are competing with (firm). The one where your boss, (name redacted) who doesn't know policy from shinola, is screwing the pooch on. You know, the one where your Level of Effort is 2 man years, being billed on a multiple of 2.6, is going to get you creamed, because the competition is going to come in under that.

Yeah, you remember that conversation, right? The one on the shuttle to the airport? The one that if you had mentioned *my firm* I'd have been on-line in a flash, seeing who was working that contract, and then calling corporate legal, to make sure it was okay to pass on what I heard... and then passed on some *very* good intel. And, since I haven't been in this area since 2001, nor am I a corporate bigwig, I know that was not a clever little disinfo op.

Hope your flight out of Reagan was pleasant.

Just hope those guys from Northrup-Grumman (firm> aren't sitting in any seats around you.

Yer suffering from the ID10T fault.

Well, that's probably unkind. You're just completely clueless, like a lot of your wired bretheren, that when you start blabbering out loud in public, those of us who have no choice but to share your conversations may be taking notes.