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April 17, 2006

Okay -- What's This?

No, not the bottle. You already know what *that* is. I hope...

The bottle is now as empty as the thing next to it. You've gotta be quicker, Ry.

There actually *is* a colored band on the critter -- I've PhotoShopped the relevant details out just to keep the playing field level, but the hole in the side is real and just about big enough to give a house-hunting wren some real frustration.

It's just a plain aluminum tube

See? Told you it was open at both ends...

with a very important job. And I found it at the second site I Googled (well, only a line drawing of it, but it included all the relevant details), so it's out there...

And, no, Neffi -- it's *not* André's shaving mug.