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April 15, 2006

Fran O'Brien's, Part 4

[Sorry for the possibly-excessive use of your generous posting privileges, John. But you know me well enough not to be surprised that I'm not gonna let up on this unless you tell me to. And then I'll just take it back to my place and hang onto it like a pitbull, haha!]

Update: The Italian Connection.

Lots happening on the "Save Fran O'Brien's" front.

Hilton's response has left Lex unimpressed and encouraging us to contact our congressional representatives, and Greyhawk swearing (scroll down) and issuing a call to arms. In the comments on Greyhawk's "swearing" post, Buzz Patterson is reaffirming that restaurant co-owner Hal Koster says there were no negotiations, contradicting Hilton's claims.

The story has also made it to the front page of the "City" section in the Washington Post, and now Michelle Malkin is onboard.

[Updates as the story develops]