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April 09, 2006

Iraq Liberation Day

Saddam Toppled, literally and metaphorically

Just a reminder - today is Iraq Liberation Day. While the jury is out on what they're going to do with the historic chance offered them to change their destiny (and whether or not *we'll* like the outcome they choose, whether they do or not - still, their choice to make) this is the anniversary of that day in 2003 when that chance was afforded them.

And we've certainly seen that it's easy to win a war in the technical sense without securing the immediate basis of the peace.

And that precisely those things which made the war *less* brutal than the approach we took with Japan and Germany are part and parcel of why securing the peace is so much harder. We have to come to grips with the fact that what is perceived as a more humane method of war changes not only the combat paradigm, but makes the approach to the aftermath much different than we realized, too, and we have to invest as much effort in that as we have in the combat arena.

And certain agencies of the US Government, notably State and the CIA, need to get over their hissyfit about things not being done the way they would have done it, and be far more involved and supportive of getting things done under the new paradigm, than just pissing and moaning about the loss of the turf war over how things should have been done.

There is much to argue about and ponder - but we shouldn't let that distract from trying to get the job done that needs doing now. But it would seem that seeking adult behavior in the battles of turf, and in the arena of politics is almost too much to ask today.

Parochial self-interests seem to trump most other things. Feh.

Update: Related to this theme - where are the moderate Muslims?

Perhaps they are out there. Too afraid to speak? What message do we send if we cut and run? Certainly not one to embolden them to speak out.

Update II. Speaking of cutting and running. An Iraqi view.

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