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April 06, 2006

Whatsis? Is This...

Some valiant efforts at trying to figure out which helicopter had a water pressure gauge on the instrument panel. Sorry, but no cigar, not even to John--although he gets an Attaboy for not snooping around Fototime...

You're gonna screech like a scalded owl when I tell ya, but before you form the lynch mob, just remember that you gave John a pass when he posted a pic of a WWI Rooskie rifle grenade used only by corporals nicknamed "Sasha" in odd-numbered trenches on alternate Thursdays between March and June of 1917.

Now, there's a reason that the water pressure gauge

RW Water Gauge

looks like the oil pressure gauge which looks like the fuel pressure gauge which looks like the torquemeter.

That reason is this --

Multipurpose Gauge-Rear

It's a multipurpose gauge. Press the magic button twice and you're looking at any one of four labels. You'll find this particular model in most of the UH-1C/-D/-H/-Ms that got busted up in Vietnam and went to the depot at Corpus Christi for rebuild (evidently, the depot got a good deal on a manufacturer's overrun). The newer gauges have a setscrew in place of the button, so it's impossible for the puckish Instructor Pilot to mess with a nervous pilot's mind.

Preflight: *double-click behind the instrument panel while you're checking the electrical compartment in the nose*

During Flight:

Option One: "Okay, what are your normal torque limitations?"
*victim scans frantically for anything saying "torque" and blows right past the "water gauge"*

Option Two: "Water pressure's a tad high--did you check the overflow reservoir for crud?"
*victim knows damwell there's nothing in the Huey that uses water except the crew, but sees the "water pressure" gauge and panics*

Option Three: "Hey--this gauge is marked bassackwards. Water pressure redline is 45psi, not 35..."
*victim tries to assess information, starts blinking in confusion, gives himself a case of flicker vertigo*

Okay--next snipe hunt won't be quite this esoteric. And the pics will at least be in focus *crossing eight fingers and both thumbs*

Heh! Can't wait to see what Neffi comes up with when he tries to figger out what an intervalometer is...