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April 03, 2006

The Armorer@Incheon

Took a bus for $13 from hotel to the airport. A "limousine" bus, which means reclining with footrest. Niiice. Three people on it - no crowd!

Dropped at the terminal, no turning in of the rental car.

Breezed - yes, breezed through check-in, security, and outbound customs/immigration. Toughest part was understanding the girl trying to get me to understand her questions was, "Did I have a lighter?" All my adaptive skills for handling my hearing loss among english speakers didn't work well over here. No accent filter for Korean.

Once again, the Hairy Barbarian was the only one to get through security without being wanded. They did a security check on the way in, too, and I escaped it there. Of course, if what they are searching for - especially on in-bounds, is North Korean infiltrators, then wanding the Great Hairy Barbarian probably is a waste of time. Dunno.

Had to get my laptop bag searched, however. They didn't make me take it out, but since I was looking over the inspector's shoulder as she examined the x-ray I could see why - the gizmo they're using here at Incheon clearly showed all the guts of the machine. What caught her eye, however was something else - a relatively opaque disk. I knew immediately what that was. At the War Memorial yesterday I bought a Korean War Memorial table medal, big bronze sucker about the size of a coaster. I got it for my father, a Korean War vet. The security minion asked if they could search my bag, I said yes, and then pointed to exactly where it was. They took it opened it, looked at it - and gave it back with a deep bow.

Lordy, the TSA could take some lessons in politeness from these people. Of course, observing passenger behavior in the US, the passengers could use some politeness lessons themselves. It certainly does lubricate social situations, though I'm sure there is some dark hidden downside.

The doe use their politeness to mask things, however. Takes some paying some real close attention.

I did stop and pick up a trinket for SWWBO here at the airport, then headed up to the KAL lounge upstairs, where I watched my aircraft pull in, did some email, processed some notes from the trip, and composed this post.

I suppose I'll take the pressure off of Fuzzy and set up tomorrow's H&I, since I have another hour to kill. But prolly after a beer. I haven't had much alcohol this trip - it's too expensive around here, and we weren't staying at US facilities where it's cheaper.