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April 02, 2006

Lesson I learned at the Korean War Memorial.

Don't lose your war.

South Korean artillery park.

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Saddam's artillery park.

South Korean tank park.

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Saddam's tank park.

And lest the snarkers try to score cheap points - yes, I know that's a US (old version, too, based on the tube) US M1 105mm howitzer in the pic. Saddam had a varied artillery park, including what US M109A1s and French GCTs he didn't lose in Round 1.

Okay - I've hit my DEROS* and the clock is ticking on my return to CONUS. Wheels up at the APOE at 1500 Local on Monday, to touch down at the APOD at 1800 Local on Monday, weather permitting. Gonna get back that day I lost coming over here. We're going with the jet stream on this leg, so we'll make better time than coming over. There was one part of the trip where our ground speed was only 289mph, due to a 150mph headwind.

I might surf n blog from Incheon International, and I will, if only for novelty's sake, blog from the aircraft if their promised airborne internet access works well enough.

If not - see ya later. Fuzzy seems to have the H&I thing down and likes the chance to snark me, so the space won't go empty.

*DEROS= Date of Estimated Return from OverSeas
CONUS= CONtintental United States
APOE= Aerial Port of Embarkation
APOD= Aerial Port of Debarkation.