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March 28, 2006

Outback® in Korea.

They have a better menu - more variety.

They are the *second largest* restaurant chain in South Korea. Not without their problems, however. Sounds to me like the SK officials sold themselves cheap.

They can't make a decent margarita. Hopeless.

Beef is more expensive here. A $17.50 14 oz steak at home is an 11oz $22.50 steak here.

I had the Alice Springs Chicken. Indistinguishable from home, except that I had fried rice instead of fries.

The calamari is better.

The wait staff still get all chummy and personal and kneel or sit at your table. And speak far better english than I speak Korean. Heck, some of 'em speak better english than some of my Outback buds back home.

It was *not* my idea to go. It was the other guy's.

And you *still* get kimchi with the meal.

BTW - some health magazine has named kimchi one of the 5 healthiest foods on the planet - because of the bacteria in it.

That is all.