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March 28, 2006

Random Observation 3,756.13

Koreans take elevators on faith.

When approaching an elevator, if the call button is pushed/illuminated, even when (gasp) pushed by another person, Koreans will stand around and assume the miracle of the box in the shaft will work, and that an elevator, will, in fact, appear. And as quickly as the system will allow.

Vice we Americans and the Aussies here - who proceed from the assumption that it's all a lie, and it will only happen if we, personally, push the button - and, in so doing, will in fact hasten the arrival of the elevator, due to the majestic force of our being -especially if we push it a few more times, just to be sure it has the message that we're waiting, impatiently.

Watching both approaches - the Koreans get on the elevators at the same time we do, without any of the (obvious) aggravation.

What turmoil lurks inside, I dunno. (insert asian stereotype here).

That is all.