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March 26, 2006

Fat Koreans, lack thereof.

There aren't that many. I think I know why. Oh, sure the diet probably doesn't hurt. But I have a different theory. At least when it comes to old Koreans.

One unique aspect of Eight US Army/US Forces Korea is the KATUSA program which stands for Korean Augmentation To US Army. These are Koreans who are attached to/part of the US Forces here, an arrangement dating back to the war.

They fulfill several roles, and I'll let any long Korea-service readers elaborate on what those are, as I don't fully understand it yet, never having served in Korea myself.

The reason I bring them up? In the context of fat Koreans? Glad you asked.

They have their own snack bars, called, shockingly, KATUSA snack bars. They were established so that the KATUSAs could get Korean food if they wanted it, vice eating in the US mess halls.

They are popular with everyone.

My fellow-traveler and I ate lunch at one today. He had babimbap, I had bulgogi. Just like you see here. Bulgogi nearest the camera, babimbap away. Cute Pepsi cans, too, eh?

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I've been diligently trying to master the chopsticks, which amuses the ladyfolk. This time I amused the aji-ma (sp? -older lady) who ran the place.

I couldn't finish. It takes too long and my hands hurt too much from the arthritis. There was improvement, however. I wasn't wearing as much as last time.

But that experience lead to my theory on why there are few fat Koreans...

It is odd here, being a Giant among the masses. Nice seque, John. I'm going to bed. Some Denizen who wants to can set up the H&I post.

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