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March 24, 2006


Reading the "Yowza!" post below, I went to check the nearest Chinese restaurant to see if #82 and I needed to keep a wide berth of said place.

I said berth, not girth, people.

The Chinese restaurant close by doesn't have prices on the menu...

So I know I can't afford it.

But I didn't see any dangerous looking ideographs or such.

I have endeavored thus far to eat Korean cuisine for dinner. Breakfast I've been doing the continental thing at the hotel. So far I've done a couple different forms of Korean barbecue and other traditional stuff (even the kimchi, Fuzzy), and except for a vegetable which passed this westerner's GI tract apparently unchanged, everything has gone down well and come out just fine.

I am surrounded by western eateries, however. Burger King, Pizza Hut, Church's Fried Chicken...

And I promise that I have resisted the temptation to eat here...
McD's in Seoul's Central City Bus Station

Or here...
Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins in Seoul's Central City Bus Station

Or here.
KFC and Outback in Seoul's Central City Bus Station

Who knew Colonel Sanders had such tiny hands?