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March 24, 2006

Introducing *Canis Scrup'lis*

Heh. Punctilious is posolutely absitively sure that she's got the definitive representation of a scruple.

Punctilious' Scrup'l

Ummm--not quite.

Just in case anybody's operating under the misapprehension that I've got a pack of pink felines lording it over the demesne when they're not skittering through the blogwall to plot the annexation of the blogosphere, I figure it's past time to introduce the miscreants.

Loose Scrup'ls

The furry 55-gallon drum with legs in the foreground is Scout.

At left rear, Muffy the Merciless is sizing up the deer across the street.

Jake is center--he actually *does* have a right ear, but he's got this knack of pointing it straight back whenever he hears something interesting but can't be bothered to actually look.

KC is the ambulatory Brillo pad in search of the cookie she figures is somewhere behind Door Number One.

And this is as close to a formal portrait as it gets. I was lucky the squirrels were raiding the bird feeder at Ed the Neighbor's, otherwise this would just be a shot of gaussian blurs with teeth...