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March 19, 2006


After yesterday's suckitude with Whiskey passing in his sleep, today has been only marginally better - in that no one has died.

Started out as well as it could with the large empty space on the bed, and not feeling a warm friendly head against my legs.

We got to the airport on time.

Then it went mildly south.

First leg, out here to San Francisco, was on Midwest. You may remember them as Midwest Express, a semi-luxury airline centered in... the midwest. They had business-class seating and food for slightly more than coach fares. They could even bid fares low enough to capture government travel.

9/11 almost killed them, but they adapted and survived. Some of those things I posted about last week are already true on Midwest - buying meals. $5 for a scone, cheese, breadsticks, yogurt and some fruit. Not bad, really, and nothing to cause distress while flying. Unlike SWWBO's experience with the Really Crabby Flight Attendant, no such problems surfaced on the flight.

That said... they had a broken aircraft this morning, and were swamped at check-in, having to reprocess that planeload of passengers bags, with no one providing any guidance. Finally fight through that to find that they don't have an agreement with Korean Air, which means I have to claim my bag here in SFO and schlep it over to KAL in the International Terminal. Oh, and it was 52 pounds - so they suggested I unload two pounds so they don't have to charge me for overweight luggage.

Bemusedly, I comply. I looked at the young lady handling the bags and said... "You do realize that the net weight of the aircraft hasn't changed one ounce, correct?"

She said, "Yep, I know. Go figure."

Granted they have decent legroom, but their seats on the "Saver" routes (vice the routes where they still have business-class seating) suck. My back is killing me already, after only three hours in the air....

We get here, and my bag, which was brand-new less-than-24 hours-in-my-possession, was spindled and mutilated by them. It's still serviceable, but the wheels don't track straight any more...

Sigh. At least coming back, via LAX, I'm going to be on the nicer aircraft from a seat perspective.

I'm in the hoity-toity people's lounge waiting for boarding (the Armorer doesn't spend *all day* on planes in coach if he can avoid it) and my back is killing me.

Only 15 hours to go... time to break out the aspirin. Bemusedly, most of the people in here are sleeping. I wonder what they know that I don't...

See ya on the other side.

Dammit. I miss Whiskey. And SWWBO, *always* SWWBO. I just know that unless I *really* screw up, she'll be there when I get back.

Whiskey won't.