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March 14, 2006

Denizen News.

Castle Denizens Punctilious, Rammer, and The Spuds passed through the region on their way to visit relatives in St. Louis. The Mistress of Argghhh! and myself passed a pleasant evening closing down the Village Square restaurant here in the First City of Kansas.

Long time readers with spare brain cells to load data into will recall the Great BedoodleWhoopie Debate, as there was some question as to shape and color of those members of the Castle Beastiary.

That debate can still rage. Punctilious *did* provide an example of a Castle Scrup'l, in colors she absolutely *insists* represents the critters. While the Armorer isn't all that sure about that in toto - there is no doubt that there is at least *one* critter of that color, who occupies a space in the Castle Nerve Center and keeps two eyes on things.

Punctilious' Scrup'l

The readership decline continues... I wonder if posting pictures of pinkish critters contributes?