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March 13, 2006

Yesterday's Airplane.

It took a little under a half-hour for Marcus to show up for partial credit - he knew what it was, but couldn't name it. Then Rod came along from a morning of reading Daily Kos or something, and named it the "XP-67 Moonbat," correcting himself 10 minutes later to the aircraft's proper name, "Bat." I was right, it took just about an hour, and that only because Marcus didn't name it, though he clearly knew the aircraft. Neffi came along with more details and named the Bat's fate, and well, we'll just ignore Murray. He's having sibling problems and felt the need to share. Don't mind him, we'll lock him back in the basement after we catch him. IBM finished it off with the posited armament for the type.

Here's a shot of McDonnell's project showing those aspects of wing and engine blending that Marcus was referring to:

XP-67 in flight

Another shot of her in flight:

XP-67 in flight

And lastly - her fate.