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March 12, 2006

Coast Artillery moment.


16 inch howitzer at Fort Story, Virginia, 1942

Now *those* were the days. This guy is guarding a 16 inch howitzer at Fort Story, Virginia. Fort Story's guns lasted longer than many, not being removed until 1949. Still, chances are by the end of the war this guy was manning a anti-aircraft gun somewhere as the Coast Artillery was essentially morphed into the Air Defense Artillery during WWII.

This particular gun is almost certainly a US Army M1920 16in Howitzer of Battery Pennington-Walke.

Higher res just for a better sense of the size of that muzzle!

Here's another pic of what is quite probably this gun (note the missing paint at the muzzle in the pics) - with an interesting credit.

M1920 16 inch Howitzer - Franklin D. Roosevelt

It was taken by some guy named Franklin. As in Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Not to be confused with the 16 inch GUN. Much longer barrel. Shot farther and the projectile went faster, intended for direct fire combat, however. The howitzer was intended for plunging fire.

Aside from the mount, you can see the difference in tube length and shape in this picture of the gun at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

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Barrel length difference even more obvious here.