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March 11, 2006

Where's Bill?

We all know Bill is older than dirt. Thus far, extant photographs of his early days (aside from the Lascaux Cave Paintings and scattered petroglyphs) have been hard to find. Diligent surfing however, shows Bill in some refresher training some time ago...

Bill's Flying Circus

Bill the Pre-Rotorhead has been positively ID'd in this photo of aviation cadets taken in 1941.

If you can't make him out - try this one.

If you're hopelessly unable to pick him out - try this one.

If your screen resolution is that bad, your eyesight really sucks, you're too lazy to clean your glasses... whatever reason, okay, go here.

If you can't find him there - you don't drive, right?

More to follow over time as I run through this shoebox of pics.