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March 08, 2006

The Unit.

1. Insurance guys are tough, ain't they?

2. Killing the mule. I don't care if Patton did it. I didn't like it. I got over it. I'm sure a few cute furry things have died by my actions, too. And more likely cats or dogs, which really makes me sad.

3. It's not your own special situation. It's the history of the world. Best line of the night.

4. How many of us have (or would) kill for a "Well Done" in that context?

5. Okay, we have pretty much *all* the stereotypes - to include the disloyal buddy (unless I misunderstand that bedroom scene at the end).

6. SWWBO said to me last night "You'd love to be them, wouldn't you?" To which I responded, "At best, I could be the Colonel, I can't hold up the other end anymore. My time for that is past."

7. I liked it. I'll watch it again.

8. If none of that makes sense. You didn't watch "The Unit" last night. You should watch next week. I will. And I'll hope I can catch it while I'm in Korea, too.

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