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March 07, 2006

Eye protection.

In WWI, this passed for eye protection.

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Or this.

Now... well, it's gotten better, in several aspects. From an email:

I am 1LT A, an Infantry Platoon Leader assigned to [snip], Task Force 2-1 Infantry, 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, currently deployed to Mosul, Iraq in Support of OIF. Our patrol was struck by a massive IED [snip], launching shrapnel and debris at high velocities toward the vehicle. I was thrown into the hull of the Stryker and later discovered that my eye-pro, the 'Sawfly ' yellow tinted lenses, prevented a shard of shrapnel from contacting my face, saving my eyesight and preventing serious injury. I have attached images of the IED, the eye protection I was wearing on site, and images of the eyewear with the shrapnel. The shrapnel punctured the lens, but did not penetrate. The shrapnel was large enough to dislodge the eyewear from my face and force me into the vehicle. I wore the glasses the rest of the patrol, confident they could still do the job. I now have them stored until I get home. I purchased the Sawfly Deluxe Kit for wear, and whenever someone asks what I was wearing, I am sure to tell them that I was wearing 'Revision'. Thank you for a great tactical product!


1LT, Infantry
Task Force 2-1

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Another view here.

Soldier on, Lt A!

*RTLW RLTW = Rangers Lead The Way

H/t, Mike L.