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March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday.

We offer up this as a service, because here at Castle Argghhh!, we care. Besides, if *everyone* goes to Heaven, it'll be crowded.

Because we care...

H/t to Jim C, who got it from here - though it's been around for a while.

In the same vein and from the same source, Jim C, we offer up these Lenten sacrifices. None of which we'll be making, as you all are going to Heaven, so we're going to the empty real estate.

Now as for Lenten practices this year I have decided to give up giving up things for Lent. Well actually I have thought of some really good modern practices to give up that could be quite penitential.

Switching from broadband to dial-up
Turning off your popup-blocker
Turning off your spam filter
Not fast-forwarding through commercials on programs you have recorded on a DVR.
Watching CNN
Though I am not spiritually advanced enough for these severe penances.

All y'all knock yourselves out.