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March 01, 2006

Caption Contest Winners

And the WINNERS in this week's caption contest are... [drum roll] ... busting out all over:

Boquisucio takes home a bronzed mold of Dolly Parton's torso (or a smack on the hand, whichever comes first) for this entry, which made me laugh out loud:

Now... during the demonstration, let's call it "The Microphone".

You start by grabbing "The Microphone" by the base as such, and then...

wickedpinto snagged Second Place (aka the coveted Ruined Keyboard award) with this entry:

"Reverend Lowry was wrong, the Weapons of Mass Distraction are right here, right there, ooooooooh they are RIGHT FRIGGEN THERE!!!"

And leave it to a woman - Holly Aho - to Speak Truth to Slobber:

"Will you tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes?"

One final item of business:

Penalty Box:

For flagrant and notorious trivet pandering, cw4(ret)billt is herewith ordered to stand the assembled villainry a round of 'ritas and sentenced to a thorough trouncing flouncing by however many of the Denizennes care to take on the onerous task :D

Congratulations to the winners! I was surprised at how many finalists there were - it was tough to pick just three winners. Thanks to John for letting me judge.