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February 27, 2006

Movie Review!

Saw Annapolis yesterday.

Mind you, I think Annapolis graduates mostly poofters*, Lucian Truscott IV and Dress Gay notwithstanding...

And I hate boxing, in general. Heh. It's one of the reasons I *didn't* go to West Point.

But I liked the movie. I have no idea if they caught the essence of the academy, I'll leave that to grads - but they caught the essence of why they exist, and, in this non-graduate's opinion, should continue to do so, corny as it was..

It also made me wish I could do some things over. Probably not what you think. But that's a post that will never get written.

Others are not so kind...

Update: Oh, and as a plus, there are M1 Garands in the movie!

*Update II: Hey, in their own words!