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February 27, 2006

Caption Contest!

[This was started on Saturday, but since there is a prize this time, and a fair number of you guys only visit during the week, I thought I'd move this up to make sure you guys noticed it and had a chance at it. ed.]

Via the Admiral of the Moat Fleet, Boquisucio, comes this picture of a Canadian Soldier being interviewed by a Press Fembot.

Tanker Scoping his target

Caption contest! Go for it. What the heck, this time there's a prize! (a cheap, tawdry trinket that is mostly shameless self-promotion of the Castle!)

This contest will be judged by Cassandra - so give it yer best shot. We'll cut it off at Noon 5PM Central Monday, and turn her loose.

Her word will be final, too. And, if you want to actually *get* the prize, such as it is, you'll need to leave legitimate contact data, like an email address. Read the comment page instructions for how to do that without having it appear in the comment for harvesting by the spambots.

And don't forget - The Right Place has a contest going on, too!

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