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February 18, 2006

Debbie Schlussel and the Incredible Expanding Ego.

Debbie Schlussel's behind-the-scenes meltdown continues. First, it was Misha. Then, she went after me. Now, it's SWWBO. Sheesh woman - leave it alone already, or is this all a part of a Frank J-style agitprop campaign to get noticed? If so - aren't you supposed to pick on *big* bloggers? It worked for Frank. Snerk.

I think my favorite part is that Ms. Schlussel, who is snap-shot quick to accuse others of not doing their research, returns fire so fast that she has thus far managed to think I was Danish (conflating me with Misha) and that SWWBO is married to Misha (News to me, Mrs Rottweiler Emperor, Misha, and SWWBO - for the record, no polyamory here in the Emperor's Demsne)! I'm guessing it would *not* be a good idea to go hunting with Ms. Schlussel. She seems to have attended the Dick Cheney Bird Hunting School.

Debbie - just let it go.. Your expanding ego is dissipating like a gas - and in so doing, becomes less dense and more insubstantial. Picking fights with Misha and SWWBO is really like wrestling with a pig: you get muddy and the pig enjoys it

Update: Um, I don't think Ms. Schlussel is going to like this one, by Loyal Cit Ranger 6 either. Wrestling with pigs, Debbie. Wrestling with pigs.

Update: SWWBO is tired of wrestling, I think...