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February 16, 2006

A little more explainin'

MaryAnn asked a question in the comments that many of you who are not long time readers may ask yourself. Since I used today as a day to put up the Disclaimers of Argghhh!, I might as well add an explanation of how comment moderation works at the Castle, and how we try to maintain a friendly Island in a Sea of Moonbats - and how we stay mostly invisible to Moonbats. Well, that and not saying anything that really attracts 'em anymore.

So, step behind the curtain in the Flash Traffic/Extended Entry, and meet the PG-17C.

The PG-17C is the third iteration of the Comments Moderation 'Bot built by Bad Cat Robot Laboratorys, Inc. BCR Labs built the original PG-17 to maintain ratings control here at the Castle, so that Argghhh! would not get blocked by Net Nanny-style software, as well as to maintain an even strain by imposing some measure of decorum, taste, and elegance to the Castle. The fact that we are on Model C says something, um, well, it says something.

The PG-17 reminds people that entendre' and witty bon mots are preferable to f*ck, sh*t, c*cks*cking b@st@rd, etc, in the comments.

Sometimes the PG-17C manifests itself as substituted characters, elided words, or even comments gone missing if they are irreparable.

The PG-17C also has email access, and will sometimes send admonitory notes to offenders, especially when the "attack the message, not the messenger" Rulez are violated in raging comment discussions.

In dire need, the PG-17C also has authority to turn off comments altogether, to either fend off a Moonbat Attack, or to force fighters to their corners for reflection.

The PG-17C is the Conscience (and a somewhat schoolmarmish one, because this group needs it) of Argghhh! and serves to keep this place from becoming like Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, LGF, or the Rottweiler's place as naughty-word flame wars develop there all the time - and in the Armorer's mind, that is *very* distracting and unpleasing to the Armorer's eye.

It keeps our traffic down because we aren't as entertaining on some levels, but it also keeps this a place where you can have some fun, talk some serious stuff without Moonbats of either side whacking on you (or the PG-17C will at least drive them off), and you can be a little naughty, too. Just ask Were-Kitten. Kinda like Cheers, "where everybody knows your name," there's lots of good natured (and ribald) ribbing that takes place - but the Armorer prefers ribaldry to be clever, not crude. If it descends to the point of "Get a Room" there is the Jungle Room, a euphemism for take it to IM or email or something, but don't start banging each other in the comments, please.

All that said, someone uploaded a farking euphemism dictionary into the PG-17C and sometimes it gets schizo because it knows you're being naughty, but you aren't quite breaking the Rulez. It gets very nervous, because the little fella really is quite dedicated to his job.

For some reason, this happens to Bill a lot.

Neffi, too.