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February 13, 2006

What Izzit, con't.

If you have no idea what this is about - click here and get caught up.

We actually already have a winner – Owen had it right his first pass, and provided his answer in that slightly pedantic, try-to-cover-all-the-bases fashion the Armorer is prone to.

The rest of you have been going down some rat-holes. It is NOT related to what you see in this picture – which is the baseplate of a Japanese Knee Mortar, and the left and center (with a booster not seen here) are the kinds of rounds you’d see fired from that. You can ignore that Mills Bomb on the right - this pic was used for a different post some time ago.

Nope, nothing you see here

Nor is it related to this type of implementation of this type of weapon (the one illustrated being a Brit 2inch mortar) – though it relates to a weapon of that class in employment.

No, conceptually, it’s more related to this type of weapon in implementation, if not in purpose.

Lastly – the Sekrit of most of these teasers – clues (or outright answers) to these things can be found in the photo galleries of the Imperial Arsenal of Doom.

That’s all the hints you're getting. Email your answers to

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