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February 08, 2006

Heh. The Armorer@Tampa

...where the locals are wearing jackets, and I'm sweating in a short sleeve shirt.

Lots of battered buildings around here, too. And empty lots.

Reminds me of some places I visited while in the beating up on small nations phase of my life.

Update: Coming in from the parking lot after dinner at the Caribbean Grill (SWWBO recommended from her stays - crab cake, pulled pork, 2 Caribbean Clowns (with cute little umberdellas even!) and followed two seasoned citizens into the elevator. The lady says to me, "Aren't you cold?" as she huddled in her parka in the mid-50's/low 60's temps they're having right now. To which I responded, "When I got on my plane in Missouri this morning, I was dressed like this and it was in the 30's and breezy."

To which she responded, "Oh, Missouri - well, *that* makes sense, then."

I'm not sure if I was just dissed or not.

Or rather, if you Missourians were or not... Kansas never came up in the discussion... I did tell her it would be 16 degrees at home tonight... and that if it was windy, I'd probably put on a sweatshirt or something.

Apparently at that point she saw my pointy ears or something and shuffled on quickly to get away from the Ice Demon.