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February 10, 2006

The BMG Award - Best Gun Blogger.

The vote bleg continues, and will through the 15th. But what better way to bribe than with archival Gun Pr0n? Especially since I'm on the road and producing new Gun Pr0n is a challenge. Many Castle readers are new, or, newer, and so haven't seen some of this stuff. Hey - I know I don't routinely dig through a blogger's archives without a reason - I don't expect that you would.

As mentioned in this post, I'm still shilling for votes in the Gunnies - the Best Gun Blog competition. I'm just trying to get on the stand at number 3, folks. We're slipping, compared to yesterday, too.

To help justify the bleg, I'm offering up stuff from the archives, today highlighting Max the Maxim.

Because of stuff like this, we think you should vote for us! Early and often! <===Click that link! Once a day, every day! From home *and* work! At Internet Cafe's! We think The BMG Trophy would look good on an Arsenal Bookshelf... but the only way *that's* gonna happen is if I steal it - unless you guys get busy.