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February 07, 2006

The Muhammad cartoons.

From an email list I subscribe to, received yesterday, commenting on a discussion of the cartoons where several list members were getting a little wobbly on things:

[snipped names]
Your naivete is amazing. Sad, but amazing

Twelve cartoons were published in a Danish newspaper. Local imams added three more which came from somewhere and were truly offensive. [emphasis mine] A five month delay occurs. Demonstrations occur simultaneously; burnable Danish flags appear around the world.

The western world bit on this living theater orchestrated by...

the Wah'habist Sunni network, to demonstrate their solidarity and keep fervor hot.

One does not know if al Qaeda was involved in this, but it sure fits their purposes.

See, the western world is being told, we can demonstrate, strike, revolt on cue.

See, the Moslem minorities in these countries are being told, we are one eople, we will protect you.

If you don't like anonymous email sources, Ralph Peters is saying the same thing.

What we're seeing in the Middle East is strategic theater, benefit performances for the Syrian government (now playing the Islam card), Hezbollah, Hamas and every tough customer in the neighborhood.

Except he sees it as the Islamists taking advantage of the furor, while Pete, our analytical friend, rather suggests they have been shaping the uproar for a much longer time.

The guy quoted above is a very pragmatic, hard-nosed, career intel analyst, which is why you aren't seeing his full name. I'm with Pete, he's usually been right.

If you're registered, you can read the Ralph Peters piece here.

If you are a Wall Street Journal subscriber - there is an article describing in detail just how the cartoon flap got out of hand. If you aren't a subscriber, give me a valid email and I'll send you the article.

Update: How about a humorous take on the difference between Christian reaction (at least until they discover they'll get kowtowed to as well) and Muslim reaction to picking on religious icons and religion in general...

I was thinking...what's the Christian equivalent to a fatwa? Do they put you in the church bulletin saying you're banned from the potluck supper or what? Do I lose golf privileges and become a pool-only member? Sweet Mother Mary, I hope system can't handle curly fries!

Read the rest at Right Thoughts.

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