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February 05, 2006

The "Gunnies" continue.

We didn't win in the first round (hard to compete with Kit's tits over at Oleg's place) but we apparently snuck into the finals as a wildcard.

We're gonna get creamed. Nothing that happens here can compete with Kim du Toit, Oleg, John Lott, or, frankly, most of the others, like Mr. Completely, Head's Bunker, Alphecca, Smallest Minority, mAss Backwards, or the Anarchangel.

But if ya wanna go vote - go for it! We think The BMG Trophy would look good on an Arsenal Bookshelf... but the only way *that's* gonna happen is if I steal it.

We really do some useful stuff around here in this category - but I admit most of it of late is in the Archives.

Like: Ammunition, a tale in three parts (thus far), and I'll link to other bits and pieces of past work as justification for the vote blegging.

But thanks is due to Countertop Chronicles for running this - and unlike the Weblog Awards - there's more than just pixels for a prize!