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February 03, 2006


Canada watch:

Damian of Babbling Brooks on Aircrew Survival Training.

And this:

Photo by Sgt Jerry Kean/DND. Private Eric Hennie, a member from the Provincial Reconstruction Team Patrol Company, at Camp Nathan Smith in Kandahar, Afghanistan, checks the rear as his section proceeds on a foot patrol in Kandahar City through a rural area. The soldiers were on a presence patrol.<br><br />
The Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) is composed of about 250 soldiers mainly from Land Force Western Area (LFWA) and 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1 CMBG), located in Edmonton Alberta. The PRT brings together Canadian military personnel, civilian police, diplomats and aid workers in an integrated effort to reinforce the authority of the Afghan government in and around Kandahar, and to help stabilize the region. To achieve these goals, the PRT conducts security patrols, contributes labour and resources to local reconstruction efforts, supports local governance institutions, and facilitates reforms in the security sector.</p>

<p>All Canadian Forces assets in Kabul were relocated and consolidated in Kandahar, except for approximately 85 personnel who will continue to serve with various Kabul-based military and civilian organisations. The relocation of Canadian Forces personnel and equipment to Kandahar was completed a few days after Camp Julien officially closed on November 29, 2005. <br><br />
 <br />
Task Force Afghanistan now comprises about 900 Canadian Forces members.  Approximately 700 soldiers are serving in Afghanistan, including troops in Kabul and in Kandahar and about 200 additional CF members are deployed somewhere else in South West Asia to support Canadian operations in Afghanistan.  The aim of this reorganization is to increase the effectiveness and impact of CF assets in the region. The Canadian Forces contribution in Kandahar will grow to about 2,000 strong by February 2006.

"We're going to be out hunting down the last of the Taliban. I don't think many Canadians realize that we're now going to war."
In truth, General, you already have been. Which he knows.

[While of course the General knows... as Damian noted in his comment, Scott Taylor of Esprit de Corps magazine is the one who made the "going to war" comment. My bad.]