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February 03, 2006

25 Lessons Learned from OIF and OEF

Continuing the Lessons Learned from OIF/OEF that I started in this post . Note to military Googlers - these are *not* tactical AARs!

This one *is* marginally not worksafe if you work with people who think soldiers are stupid people who only do what we do because we're too dumb to do anything else. This will only reinforce that thought pattern.

Lesson #16. Soldiering Is Still An Outdoor Sport.

The soldiers among us will just go - been there, done that, bragged about it. Which, when I think about it, will just reinforce the goons I mentioned previously. Sometimes, you just have to harken back to your childhood and remember that playing in puddles was fun.

Of course, we *do* tend to take that to an extreme...

And, in case you think it's just awful to show the jihadis in this light. Remember this.

This is *not* an official document! I contacted Mr. Coffey and have his permission for this use. If you choose to download and share it around via email, you may do so - but send it with the caveat that any publishing of the document, for profit or no, needs the permission of Mr. Coffey, as I only asked permission for myself, and he retains all rights!

Mr. Coffey can be reached via his website: Purple Mountain Publishing.

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