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February 03, 2006


...we've created a monster. A *fetching* one, to be sure--but a monster.

Boston Maggie is turning into a Castle Kitten.


Wanna post a question on your blog for the other denizens? I want to know if a "cuddle puddle" ever happens at the Castle when the "ritamatic" is fired up.

Laura Ingraham was ranting and raving about this today.

If not, I will throw it in one of the comments sections.


Now, I figger that the comment parties are just chucklesome exercises in rapier-swift repartee, simulsnarks and frolicsome flirting, but Maggie's query got me thinking...

Why is it that the light switch in the Jungle Room has been safety-wired in the *off* position? And how come I can never get to the hot tub without tripping over something squirmy and giggly? And what goes on up in the chandelier since WK hung those damask drapes? Huh? HUH?!?

*tossing 15-foot pole (sooooo infra-dig) behind the couch*

(muffled) OW!

*ducking as 15-foot pole is ejected from behind couch with considerable velocity*

Heh. It's Friday. Only two more working days in the week...