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February 03, 2006

And another taggee checks in

So far, Christine's tags are at a 75% return rate--the Lady knows her taggees.

The newest addition is GunJam of JammedGun. Sanger and Jtg will feel right at home when they drop in. And, uh, GJ, hope you didn't mind the Aggie jokes--we were just funnin'...honest...


And since John is evidently logging Z-time tonight (unlike some others I could mention), today's H&Is are still being plotted in the FDC. Soooo, as long as GunJam doesn't mind a little Gun Pr0n with his link, I figure this is a good spot for this bit of chicanery. Work safe in one way and *not* work safe in another--even if it's you who's the gunner on some of these beasties.

Geez, doesn't anybody *work* at work anymore?

Tsk--where did my manners go? H/t to MSG Keith for the podpal annoyers.