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February 02, 2006

H&I Fires* 2 Feb 06

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I'm late! Your turn. -The Armorer


The Washington Post has crossed the line, but can't recognize that.

Silver Star Families - Fuzzilicious Thinking


OK... hiatus over. It was a short one, eh?
I just read this over at Mudville... oh man... This is gonna raise a stink.
An Iraqi girl in in Cinci getting care for burns sustained in a bomb blast. Woot! Woot! And I also found out the Mom who didn't want her baby.... just wanted a better life for the child. Somedays I just hate the press. ~AFSister


And, in Stupid Criminal Tricks news... -The Armorer


Death to Two-Legs who do this to Scru'ples! ! -Name Shadow, Name Whiskey, Name Houdini [What's the beef? Barny, Little Girl, Cleo, Meriwether, Rest Stop, Hal, Little Orphan Annie, Gandalf]


But publish demeaning cartoons about Jesus... and nobody cares - at least in terms of threatening legal action, firing people, etc. Which, of course, in a sense, makes perfect sense to the protesting Muslims... we really don't get it in some respects. And by that, I don't mean we should prosecute art that denigrates the Incarnate symbol of Christianity - but we should just look at these protestors and say, "Grow Up", and if they don't, swing the nightstick. Wonder when those fundie Christians that so torque the left will take a page from the Jihadi book and take to the streets - and when they do, will they get the same deference? Somehow, I doubt it. It all makes my head hurt. A pox on the intolerant ignorant bigotry of the flag-burning "Death to - " chanters. Which is exactly what the Western elites say to Christian Fundamentalists - why not these bigots as well?


How about a little chuckle to brighten up the day ... Check out Brokeback to the Future! (*work safe*)


*A term of art from artillery. Harassment and Interdiction Fires.

Back in the day, when you could just kill people and break things without a note from a lawyer, they were pre-planned, but to the enemy, random, fires at known gathering points, road junctions, Main Supply Routes, assembly areas, etc - to keep the bad guy nervous that the world around him might start exploding at any minute.

Not really relevant to todays operating environment... but, it *is*

The UAVs we fly over Afghanistan and Pakistan looking for targets of opportunity are a form of H&I fires, if you really want to parse it finely. We just have better sensors and fire control now.

I call the post that because it's random things posted by me and people I've given posting privileges to that particular topic. It's also an open trackback, so if (Don Surber uses it this way a lot) someone has a post they're proud of, but it really isn't either Castle kind of stuff, or topical to a particular post, I've basically given blanket permission to use that post for that purpose. Another term of art that might be appropriate is "Free Fire Zone".

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