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January 31, 2006

Eeewwww. Politics.

But since Bill and I (with a belated "Me, too!" from Dusty) were original Signers (though I don't know why NZ invited us, really) of the Appeal from Center-Right Bloggers... I'm going to make my totally pointless endorsement in the Republican House Leadership Race. I'm late at this because I'm not truly a pundit, I don't have an Insta-opinion. Not a slam, Reynold's life and work are vastly different from mine - he's more informed simply by what he does for a living - I currently study the Future Army for a living, which means this is extramural for me. However, in that regard, perhaps I'm more representative of the bulk of the right-leaning voting population, too - because they all have lives that make this extramural to them, too. But as I've demonstrated many times before - I have a tin ear for politics.

I'm speaking for me. I'll let Bill and Dusty speak for themselves.

I say they should go with Shadegg.

Blunt and Boehner are More Of The Same, and I'm just not that impressed with The Same, whatever their other qualifications. Sometimes, you *do* need to change for change's sake.

It's time for Something New in the Republican leadership, and I have so informed my Representative (that would be Jim Ryun, who listens politely, anyway, though I get better, more substantive answers from the staffs of Senators Brownback and Roberts). I'm something of a gadfly about guns, national defense and veteran's issues, though I have no delusions of my influence, given I don't give scads of money to any of those guys, because they don't need it around here.

I'm a fan of term limits, if only for the simple reason that one of the things that gets the political class in trouble is being so entrenched in their positions that they both lose touch with the reality of their districts, and, concomitantly, get sucked into the bubble of Inside the Beltway, which is fantasy world in many respects. I know - I've moved in those circles before, tangentially.

My sister and I had a discussion of that at Christmas - she's the family liberal, but she was receptive to the idea of term limits for a long time. Until Missouri elected Governor Blunt, who has done some (to her eyes) Dumb Newbie Tricks, especially regarding education, which gores a family ox for her. From that she deduces that Experience is Best.

I say Faugh! Change is good. Frankly, I see term limits a little bit like the NFL Draft. The draft keeps the Center of Gravity moving around the league, which, to my jaundiced eye, keeps football more interesting, as dynasties rise and fall. Contrast to Baseball, where their model tends to suck all the money to a few of the big players, which for me reduces the interest of the league to a few Big Teams and the Rest. No, it's not a perfect analogy...

But the concept I see is similar. New people, new ideas. Move the center of gravity around. Nothing against West Virginia, but is there anything left there that doesn't have Byrd's name on it? That's just one example. Move the center of gravity around the country, too. The Massachusetts Senate Contingent hasn't had a genuinely new idea in a long time. And the same is true, regardless of party, all around the country.

So, here's to the Republicans showing some leadership, rather than damage control. You've been in power long enough that you have the Power Disease; though you wield power badly. The Democrats are far better at that than you guys have ever been - which is actually a compliment, but I don't have time to go into that here.

The point is - you have the baggage, with no concomitant useful productivity.

So, try something new. Give a relative Outsider a chance. And gird yourselves to Make A Change.

Because I might just have to start voting in Primaries again, to try to send you guys packing, otherwise. I know I can't do much with the Democrats, so I'll pick on you.

Besides, with the Alito cloture vote, the Left's Moonbats are going to be picking on their guys, so I'll try to shape what passes for the Right.


*tossing two cents on the workbench*

For what my opinion's worth--and I harbor no illusions in that area--I believe that John Shadegg most-clearly sees the need for reform. And he has the convictions and the passion to back them up:

“…I have a lifelong record of having fought for restricting government. I think many of you know that when I got here, I introduced almost as the very first bill I ever dropped, the Enumerated Powers Act. That was a bill that said that members of Congress...would have to identify in every bill they introduced, the provisions of the Constitution that authorized the Congress to legislate in that area…Congress is writing laws in all kinds of areas where it has no authority whatsoever. People have forgotten, members of Congress have forgotten, that the Constitution makes this a Congress with specific, limited, enumerated powers. And we have completely ignored that, aided and abetted by the United States Supreme Court. At a minimum, we need to get back to only doing those things that the Constitution allows us to do.”

The entire transcript of his conference call with the Big Bloggers is here. It's a fast read with a lot of substance.

Unfortunately, my rep is Rush Holt (D-NJ--12th District), who replies (seldom) to my missives with campaign literature from last year's election and an envelope for the sizeable check he hints I should send for his next campaign...