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January 28, 2006

Alright, Denizennes, Listen Up!

Yer outta control!

First - the Castle Staff use the Jungle Room as a Daycare center during the workdays. The kiddles just love the theme. But, ladies, after a long night of debauched behavior in there, clean up after yerselves, for pity's sake!

Next - A Caption Contest!

A loyal reader in College Station, Texas, sent me this picture after reading Bill's post on the subject.

It's soooooooo horrible, so vile, so demeaning to womyn (and Ry, VERYNOTWORKSAFE!) that I had to put it *Behind The Curtain* in the Flash Traffic/Extended Entry.

Hey, it's Saturday, our slowest day, we won't lose too many readers, since I don't thing[k] that many womyn spend time here anyway. So - apparently, some Denizennes went to College Station, and this is what happened.

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If you need more detail... click here.

I'll leave captioning up to you.

And when you are done here - go the The Right Place for their caption contest.