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January 28, 2006

H&I Fires 28 Jan 06

Open post for those with something to share. New, complete posts come in below. Note: If trackbacking, please acknowledge this post in your post. That's only polite. You're advertising here, we should get an ad at your place...

OMG - The Ultimate Army Men site! Gad, I have fond memories of these guys...

Ack! I meant to cover this - but Stop the ACLU did, so I'll send you there. The Challenger. I know exactly where I was - I went into the big fest tent at Graf (the Redeployment Assembly Area for REFORGER 86) and there, on a huge screen, was the enormous, and very wrong, smoke trail... -The Armorer


Some very positive news from Iraq at Greyhawk's and Small Town Veteran's. - Fuzzybear Lioness