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January 27, 2006

War clouds gather to the North.

My plans for Canada proceed apace (see discussion here). Canada is setting the pretext for war with the US over our submarines transiting the North Pole, which will give us the excuse to strike North and seize all the good spots, and prevent them from, wait - they can *have* Detroit. CAPT H had a pretty good plan for that.

Of course - the analysts have it wrong...

Testing the notion that he would kowtow to the Bush administration, Harper, whose Conservative Party won general elections on Monday, said Thursday he would stand by a campaign pledge to increase Canada’s military presence in the Arctic and put three military icebreakers in the frigid waters of the Northwest Passage.

This is obviously double-plus good! Mr. Harper is setting the stage for a "Mouse that Roared" scenario - all part of Dubya's Plan for World Hegemony®!

Hee! Let's see if any of our Canuckistanian readers rise to the bait.