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January 27, 2006

H&I Fires 27 Jan 06

Open post for those with something to share. New, complete posts come in below. Note: If trackbacking, please acknowledge this post in your post. That's only polite. You're advertising here, we should get an ad at your place...

Over at Winds of Change, a little analysis of analysis at the Atlantic.

Another look at the Naval Academy sexual harassment controversy H/t, Ry

Today in history:
1944 900 day German Siege of Leningrad lifted: 600,000 dead
1945 Russia liberates Auschwitz Concentration Camp
1967 Apollo 1 fire kills astronauts Grissom, White & Chaffee
1977 Pres Carter pardons most Vietnam War draft evaders (10,000) -The Armorer


This is too good to pass up. -Cassandra via Fuzzybear Lioness


Chuck Simmins has Someone You Should Know, Marine Captain Patrick M. Rapicault. -The Armorer


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