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January 26, 2006

Black Jack, can ya hear me?

Given that certainly *some* of these are actually smugglers posing as Mexican authorities - one can imagine the International Outcry™ among the Usual Suspects™ if these incursions were going the other direction? If the Mexicans *want* us to put the military on the border, this is certainly a way to go about it. Actually I'm sure it's all part of a shadowy international anti-war activist/rogue government cartel to compel the US to return its forces to the US to secure our Southern Border. Hmmmmm. Now - do we have to look at that Canadian revitalization of their military thingy in a new, more sinister, light? Will they stab us in the back as our attention is turned south, and seize Detroit and Seattle? Not to mention, Minot. Of course, we've got experience taking down badly-run corrupt Third World nations, perhaps a little Thunder Run to the nearest Mexican Army base would impress upon the soldados that they should stay on their side of the line. Punitive Expedition, anyone?

Heh. Dave points out he got here WAAAAAAY ahead o' me!