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January 25, 2006

The Soldier's Load.

Air Force Enlisted Tactical Air Controller (ETAC) resting whle moving with his supported unit in Iraq.

Given the way the comments moved [well, the *serious* comments] in my Any Soldier, Any Era post, this is probably a good time to drag something up out of the archives.

The Soldiers Load, Part 1..

The Soldier's Load, Part II.

And it ain't just our Army, either. Any soldier. Any era. Just ask these Canadians.

English/AnglaisAPD02 5000-210March 15, 2002 Shah-i-Kot Valley, AfghanistanIn the mountains of Paktia Province east of Gardez, members of an anti-tank team from the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (3 PPCLI) Battle Group take a much-needed rest on the trail. The oxygen-poor atmosphere of 3,000 metres is very hard on these soldiers, who carry particularly heavy loads of weapons and ammunition. They are engaged in Operation HARPOON, the Canadian Army's first non-defensive combat mission since the Korean War, which is itself a component of Operation ANACONDA, a major US-led assault on Taliban and al-Qaeda positions. The 3 PPCLI Battle Group is deployed in Afghanistan on Operation APOLLO, Canada's military contribution to the international campaign against terrorism.Photo by Cpl Lou Penney, 3 PPCLI

Update: Speaking of those Canadians in that pic above - CAPT H provides this link to one Canadian Soldier's response to the issues laid out above.

Discuss amongst yourselves... Heh. Again, acting in my role as CAPT H's clerk... he offers up this.