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January 22, 2006

H&I fires 22 Jan 06

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Code Pink, which wants anything other than freedom in the Middle East if it involves anything other than US surrender and roll-over - appropriates Iranian women risking their lives to protest the Mullahs - as if (at best, the most charitable interpretation) the Code Pinkers in the US run the same risks... though, more likely, they just saw pictures of women protesting and it made them all funny in their pants - without considering the differences. Publius Pundit offers it up for you to look at yourself.

The move to evict Justice Souter from his home, to make way for a more tax revenue-generating purpose to serve the public good while benefiting private developers at the cost of the landowner - continues. For more eminent domain stories, see Rhymes with Right and Searchlight Crusade.

Can you *imagine* the noise if we were to even *think* about doing something like this?

This week the Dutch Parliament voted a bill which obliges immigrants to pass a compulsory exam. The Dutch Parliament is also in favour of a proposal to have troublesome youths disciplined and drilled by the army.

From 1 March onwards people who want to settle in the Netherlands (e.g. to join family members or to marry someone living there) will have to pass a preliminary test at the Dutch embassy in their country of origin. In this so-called “integration test” the immigrants have to prove that they have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch language and the geography, history and political system of the Netherlands. The fee for taking the test is 350 euros. Those who do not pass are not allowed to enter the Netherlands. Those who do pass have only taken the first hurdle. After their arrival in the Netherlands they will have to pass a second – more difficult – exam.

See the Brussels Journal blog for the rest.

The Right Place have their new Caption Contest up!


Medical researchers in combat zones study how to prevent wounds/injuries, and make recommendations. (H/T Raven of And Rightly So) - Fuzzybear Lioness


The Navy is back in the anti-piracy business...

Carnival of the Recipes is up at Morning Coffee Afternoon Tea - myriad new ways to consume caffeine! That is, if the Caffeine Fascisti don't get in your face about it... see The Agitator for more.

Get a take on the Canadian Elections (yes, they *are* having one) by reading the Blogs of the Red Ensign, nicely aggregated in The Red Ensign Standard. -The Armorer