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January 18, 2006

H&I fires 18 Jan 06

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A story of Bill, Dusty, and.... Butch. H/t, SWWBO.

January, 1943 - The Call To Resistance is issued in the Warsaw Ghetto. -The Armorer


If this plays out badly, it's going to make the job harder and harder. Which, I suppose is one way to end war. Lawyer it to death. That doesn't mean incidents like this shouldn't be investigated, and compensation paid by the US Gov as appropriate. But going after the soldier as an individual... heh. This will bear watching.

The enemy are clever and adaptive - never forget that. Aerial IED"s (subscription required)) The Bouncing Betty reborn. -The Armorer


"If you can't pick up a rifle, then do something."

If you haven't been checking out what Denizen Sgt. B has been doing recently... shame on you! Meet Sgt. Remington of the Marines, then check out his latest escapades: ossifers, meeting the allies, reassignment , and adjusting to an admin job.

- Fuzzybear Lioness


It's all about motivation, man. I just gotta find mine.

And, another one's gone, another one's gone - another one bites the dust...-

In a previous era, when the diplomats were talking like this - it was time to watch the embassies for the plumes of smoke from burning papers. In this era, it probably means a mealy-mouthed backtrack. Not that the alternative to that isn't sobering, too. -the Armorer