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January 15, 2006

Heh. Just, heh.

What part of the linkages of Prohibition, The War on Drugs, and Banning/Restricting Guns doesn't this guy get?

Worried that measures to limit smoking don't go far enough, Elk Grove Village officials are considering banning the sale of cigarettes, apparently the first time that has been seriously proposed in Illinois, experts said.

Mayor Craig Johnson said the village would be hypocritical to consider a current proposal to restrict smoking in bars and restaurants without going after cigarettes themselves.

Heh. Note that the great waves of gun control legislation came in the country after waves of gun violence - which came after Prohibition, and the War on Drugs, as the criminals moved into to take over previously legal enterprises that the bulk of the population in fact, support, at some level or another, even if they won't go against the glitterati who speak about in favor of such measures.

Even Europe doesn't go to this level of insanity... do they?