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January 13, 2006


Stuff for a Redleg's soul.

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Bravo Battery, 2nd Battalion, 20th Field Artillery, 4th Fires Brigade, fire a rocket from a Multiple Launch Rocket System during a tactical mission from Forward Operations Base Q-West. Qayyarah, Iraq in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. CREDIT U.S. ARMY PHOTO: SSG James H. Christopher III. (RELEASED) CPT Michael Blankartz BDE / PAO CAMP COURAGE MOSUL

The target must have been a bunch of guys in the open, away from anything else - that's a big hammer in the Current Operating Environment, with a huge impact footprint for the bomblets, and the associated duds - which means this was probably fired out at the border regions.

Oh, and "feh!" on the whole renaming of Division Artillery to "Fires Brigade." I know why they did it (I live in the muddle [sic] of the process. I'd rather call 'em "4th Brigade (Fires)" if we *have* to do it that way. And I understand the real purpose is to, in a sense, break the mental mold of the division in favor of the brigaded Army - are reversion to pre-WWI, where divisions were much more ad-hoc constructs, built only for big wars or even just for big battles in during big wars.

Fine. Call 'em Artillery Brigades then.

Fires. Feh.

More about that here.

UPDATE: D-oh! (sound of hand slapping forehead). I knew this:

There is a precision guided version available now with a 200 lb unitary warhead. More useful for up close and personal. I'm not a Red Leg, so I can't tell from the picture.

More from Lockheed Martin

Just goes to show how old habits die hard when you only use simulation vice smell the burning powder... Hat tip to M. Lewis for the reminder!

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