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January 12, 2006

A new teaser.

In our post about the MSM's concern over the Army co-opting milbloggers as propaganda outlets, a fella who makes his living as a journalist STABO'd in, and donning his Bracers of Argument, put himself in the middle of the Circular Firing Squad that are the Denizens of Argghhh!.

I'd say it was a draw, and mostly entertaining for the spectators. While Owen is anti-OIF, one should not mistake him for a pacfist, or anti-war per se. You can read that for yourself in the debate in the comments. In the midst of flinging out his bon mots and wry observations, he let drop this little gem, which, of course, knowing me, could *not* go unchallenged...

b) I like to think I am something of an expert on small arms and my knowledge of most weapons goes a bit beyond familiar.

Oh, really? The Armorer could *not* let that go unremarked and unverified. So I set him a task (again, read the comment stream, towards the bottom of it).

I will happily concede that he certainly walks the walk, though he may not win the high hurdles at the Weapons Geek Trivia Contest. In his defense, I deliberately picked a very obscure bit of kit that almost no one who didn't use a PIAT in WWII would have recognized. And he did get there - which is more than anyone who participated in the original trivia contest can say. So Owen has Castle Cred as far as the Armorer is concerned.

But wait! There's More! As a condition of the challenge to Owen, I said he could have a go at us. His challenge is in the Flash Traffic/Extended Entry. Let us just say that the Armorer is *impressed* with Owen's challenge.

In short, I want one. This is Owen's. Not just challenge - he *owns* the weapon. Good man! He has a standing invitation to the Castle. That said, Owen - I went downstairs this morning and there's drool all over everything from your perusal of the collection. Clean that up, wouldja? The Scrup'ls don't do drool.

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There are other views here, here, here, and here. There are two other clues which will be revealed over time, if you guys flounder.

Here's what he posits in his email:

Hi John, pics attached.

Try it first without the ones called "extra clue", as they show markings.

You haven't got a chance of getting this. I will worship as a God anyone who can identify this weapon. It's totally obscure.

Regards, Owen

I've already answered Owen, in email - which is why you won't see me playing. Let's just say I got it in one, essentially. It *is* an obscure bit of kit - but I think Bill and Boquisucio are up to the task. And all are welcome to participate. C'mon, lurkers, strut your stuff.